…there are consequences to breaking the heart of a murdering bastard…

The Cross – Samael
Steel Shoe – High On Fire

Saw Kill Bill vol. 2 again this weekend. I can appreciate so much more the second time around.
Fucking awesome…
Got severly burned about my face and hands on Saturday, while doing merch for Only Crime…fucking awesome dude, Dalbec from Bane, Russ from Good Riddance, Zack from Gwar, and Bill Stevenson from Black Flag and The Decendants.
Back to my wounds, my hands look as if I am wearing red gloves, pink paws as Martha puts it, my ear has a fucking disgusting pouch of pus laying across the top of it.

Two more Ben Shermans in the mail today.

Martha has a job interview on Thursday! I am so stoked.

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