you call it your right. I call it your weakness….

Fact Leaves Its Ghost – Converge
Children in Heat – The Misfits
Cosmo Retro Intro Outro – Amon Tobin
Real Deal – Antidote
Don’t Care – Circle Jerks
Race & Nation – Skrewdriver (for Kitzel)
We Exchanged Words – Azure Ray
Empty Promises – Turning Point
Step Into The Light – Archers of Loaf

Gauv and I

Josh Trustkill, Me, and Robbie Redcheeks (what is wrong with my mouth…)

It was so good to see so much family this weekend. Syracuse is still a shit hole, but it is home to so many good dudes.

I got a speeding ticket and I didn’t even care. Maybe I am losing my temper as I get older…I doubt it.

It’s good to have someone that makes you want to drive though the night to lay next to.

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