They can have my iPod when they can have my guns, when they pry it from my cold dead hand!

The Humpty Dance – Digital Underground
Casey’s Last Ride – Johnny Cash
Untitled – Black Tape For A Blue Girl
Hair And Nails – Backstabbers, INC.
Bluff Called – Between Us

After much dicsussion on this subject amongst my friends everytime I am in NYC, it looks like others have caught on…
The Times warns iPod users against using the bundled headphones when using the MP3 player in public places: “The distinctive ‘earbud’ white headphones are a giveaway to criminals that a highly desirable iPod, costing up to £400, is concealed about the street-walking music lover, according one reader: “Todays UK “The Times” (UK’s 2nd major broadsheet) newspaper carries a front page article and photograph detailing the rise in attacks on iPod owners by muggers and reports police advise owners to avoid using the tell-tale white iPod earphones.”
and this story from
“West Midlands police have issued a stark warning to iPod users: ditch the white headphones or pay the price.

Fashion-conscious music lovers are apparently being targeted by muggers. The Times tells the sorry tale of 22-year-old language student Roland Baskerville, who lost his 20GB model on the mean streets of Birmingham: “I was walking down the road near to my home when a man who was walking the other way pointed at my headphones.”

The thief then asked Baskerville if he was listening to an iPod and, receiving an affirmative answer, he “pulled a knife out and started waving it at me, saying: ‘Well hand it over, then.’ I gave it to him and he ran off. He must have known I was wearing an iPod because of the white headphones.”
Bring it.

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