Good Bye Soul Vegetarian.

“Recently in the US, Soul Vegetarian and it’s African Israelite founders became the subject of much controversy after a 2011 interview with The A.V. Club. In the interview, Soul Vegetarian co-founder Yohanna Brown nonchalantly described the belief system, “It’s a complete lifestyle with diet, positive thinking, and styles of dress. Women don’t wear men’s clothing, and men don’t wear women’s. If you look at present culture, you can see how breaking these guidelines has led to things like homosexuality.However, this was not the first time that Ammi’s group has spoken out against homosexuality. The leader of the Atlanta chapter, Prince Rahm, openly denounced gay marriage in a 2006 address , saying, “In the early 1970s, homosexuality was classified as a psychological disease. Those evil marketing geniuses now got us saying ‘gay’ cuz it sounds nicer.” He also warned that the AIDS crisis was a punishment from god, saying, “This is Deuteronomy 28* coming into effect.” And on the subject of accusations of child abuse one member, Abshalom Ben Shlomo, remarked, “We support the authority of the parents. Families are not democracies.”

From the Skeptical Vegan, read the full story here.


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