“GOD” bless SprintPCS and Fuck Pepsi

Unbroken – Curtain
Sex Positions – Dead Lay Very Still
Again – Mouthpiece

The green areas represent the SprintPCS network in Puerto Rico, while the white areas represent the places we will be continually robbed and beaten.

02/20 Ponce, Puerto Rico @ The Blue Coyote 8 pm w/ Autoridad Zero, Deathwish Bronson, Quejidos, Clear Convictions
02/21 Caparra, Puerto Rico @ Xtephanie 8 pm w/ Axiom Dummy, Nothing 2 Face, Garrapatas, Bajo Presion

According to weather.com it will be 80 degrees with a low of 73…nice.

Dan sent this to me…

How to never lose Pepsi’s iTunes giveaway
After the Super Bowl, Mac fans everywhere went to their local convenience stores to look for the iTunes labeled Pepsi bottles. If your store was like mine, you probably went home empty handed. It takes a few weeks for new bottles to make it down the supply chain, but they are now finally at most stores. Read on to find out how to never get a bottle that doesn’t win.
It’s easiest to read “again” and tag the losers because there are no random letters involved. You can spot a word like again from a mile away. If you don’t see again and you have given the bottle a twist (to check from all angles), make a purchase. If not, hit the shelf.

You might find it easiest to practice while not in the store. Just buy a few and take them home. Get the knack for the angle, and it isn’t that hard to pull off without looking like a huge tool.

Today I got the greatest series of text messages ever…

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