A co-worker gave me a bag of Tonx, a bi-monthly coffee subscription. It’s pretty fucking good, the problem being it works out to being $19 a bag, which is fine if I lived in Idaho and had no access to fresh roasted coffee. Not worth the money if you live in a 1st world coffee town.


  1. Jeff J Jawk

    Highlight of that post-
    “Victimized conservatives in the ‘fly-over’ states are just as culpable for the sorry state of our country as deranged and deviant liberals.
    -they are upset at being disenfranchised even though they like the exact same reality television and foods stuffed into other foods as coastal elitists, but their caginess is more a product of shame for not being attractive and hip.”

    “If you barely fit in your stretchy sundress you probably don’t need a Coke for breakfast.”

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