Hope for the worst, fear for the best….

Beyond Redemption – HIM
The Last Day Of Our Acquaintance – Sinead O’Connor
In The Cards – Anti-Heroes
Latch Key Kids – Bad Religion
Pure Holocaust – Immortal
No Way Out – Damnation a.d.
Slide Show – Travis
Call To Arms – Tragedy
Winter Eagle – Death In June
Serial Killer – Converge
Carnal Knowledge – 411
Tres – Pinback

Haven’t updated this thing in a while…so much going on. Went to California for a few days last week. Terror and Madball played 3 shows out there. Chris Wrenn, Tre, Todd Jones and I spent the weekend in the car…Fucking awesome, the LA show kinda sucked due to the club…the Whiskey is such a fucking lame place, hardcore has no business there…they should stick to Winger shows. Mandel and Itow where there though so that was awesome. San Francisco was amazing…we rolled in early and went to some place that had vegan cheesesteak…it failed, not so good but we did see a fight between some dude and a cab driver…I hold cab drivers in disdain so I was pleased to see some dude clock the cabby several times about the face through his window while he was sitting down…
Of to the show, which was in the middle of no where…cool club though, THE POUND. Neighbor was with us at this point and he helped me sell merch all night and we caught up and cut up all night…serious good times, I love and miss that kid. I got to see Heather and Jaime, which I never get to see enough of. I haven’t seen Jaime in about 3 years…we got to
stay with Heaher, who lives in a seriously awesome house in Oakland. Late night of catching up, iTunes theiving, and general tom foolery…up early back to LA…
Saw my man Rhett from Atlanta, he just moved to Corona, it was good to see that maniac. He claims it is ok for christians to engage in anal sex just no vaginal. weird I wasn’t aware jesus was so dirty…

Freddie Madball with my man Todd…

Back in Boston…
work and hanging out…went out a few nights and ran into my friend liz who is awesome…
trying to get my family (Ezra, Kenn24, and Jahanna) to hang with my new friends…we all went out on Saturday and we even got Jonas to come along. Fuck I love that kid I need to hang with him more often…the night was generally fun but it ended at some party that was made up of dicklickers and cunts…needless to say we didn’t stay long.
In Boston it seems nothing straightedge can stay…so many cheap people, which is fine…thin the heard.

It is becoming more and more aparent that I need a haircut.
Should I shave my head?

Converge is back from Europe…funtimes.
I missed them, especially that H-Mo thomas…

lizzy, tre, me and gauv at the hatebreed video shoot…

times are good.
for those I love, I will sacrifice….

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