DSLR Madness

As Perfect Mike and I have just taken the dive into the world of DSLRs, I needed some help figuring out just what camera bodies do what and how what they do compares to a more expensive model or a model from another manufacturer (I am a Canon fanboy), which I found over at SnapSort. Snapsort let’s you easily compare two camera bodies (although I wish it was three, being able to compare your current camera to two that you are thinking of up upgrading to would be ideal) and sorts the results for an easy comparison with explanations on what exactly the features are that they are testing. User’s can vote on which body they prefer and can upload video reviews, sample HDSLR videos and ‘How-to’ movies. So much info packed into a very well designed and easy to use site. Also check out their other site LensHero for the same sort of help with lenses.


  1. I love http://www.dpreview.com. Great for side by side comparison at the top under product database. They allow you to compare up to 20!

    Nikon color might be slightly better(quick fix in PS) but Canon blows Nikon out of the water with having lower noise/grain in high ISO. For somebody who shoots alot of low light shows, its a no brainer.

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