New Pickups

Not sure how I have never acquired this until now, 411 ‘This Isn’t Me” 12″ on maroon marbled vinyl.
It’s been 20 years since I bought the black vinyl version at Wax n ‘Facts in Atlanta (I bought that shitty Taang! DYS “Wolfpack” lp the same day).

Picked up a 4th press of the First 2 7″s on a 12″

Had to grab this when I saw it, All Out War and Firestorm on a 12″. I had no idea this even came out, Victory presed it 2007.


  1. you are four years behind on your victory records catalog?! i hope the street team breaks into your pad and steals back that record. what a travesty.

  2. Joe

    Don’t be so harsh JT.

    With very few exceptions, most respectable hardcore kids stopped paying attention to Victory in 1998.

  3. saucemaster

    if i recall correctly, you had a dys ‘wolfpack’ poster taped to our bedroom door — on the back, so your mom would not see the word ‘shit’ on it when she came in to clean your room.

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