1. Ellis

    That’s gorgeous, Jeff. Seems like the perfect place for a hot cup of coffee in the early morning and evening.

    Why don’t you let me bring my po-dunk Mississippi ass to the big city, where we can meet, talk hardcore and punk, disagree over Bertrand Rusesell, and enjoy the finest vegan yummies California has to offer?

    There’s only one strictly vegan restaurant in Mississippi, and it’s delicious, but I wish there were more organic grocery stores and restaurants. I am digressing. Seriously, though, the skyline in that photo is pretty unbelievable, and the lights in all the houses and apartments. Really a work of art.

    I just finished Peter Hitchens’s new book “The Rage Against God.” Had some good stuff in it, was kind of all over the place, but the parts about Lenin/Stalin Russia I found to be informative and interesting. He talks some about his relationship with Christopher. Overall, pretty good. Here’s to hoping Christopher makes it through the challenges ahead. I might add you on Facebook!


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