Some pointers from a friend….

Music: Comets On Fire – ESP

Just got an e-mail from my friend Cari, who gave me a few pointers on life and things I’ve been commenting on in here, here is what she had to say…

– you need a haircut….keep the tuff, lose the gay

“The whole car ride down was filled with interesting controversy with the ladies that I have in my life. I really need to go for some quality here. jesus. All girl’s are scandalous. period. ”

– the quality is in canada, stop hanging out with teenagers….seriously

– and if we weren’t scandalous, we wouldn’t be interesting…we would just be tits and few holes to stick your wiener in….scandals keep things interesting

Quote of the day:
“what the hell happened???? It looks like you fell off the deep end into wannabe gay mod hell. please come back the core needs you….” Daniel Sant of Over My Dead Body, commenting on my hair.

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