It’s all so ironic the things that you think
You preface them all with a nod and a whink
The clothes that you wear and the words that you speak
You’re so fucking clever, you’re tongues in your cheek
You stand on the sidelines and shit on it all
never getting involved ’cause you might take the fall
Your apathy hides the fact that you’re scared
of expressing opinions or showing you care

The irony is that you totally suck
You can look down on me and I don’t give a fuck
‘Cause I hate assholes who hide behind fashion
Who live life devoid of emotion or passion
All style and no substance, you’re flesh without bone
Another footsoldier in an army of clones
So fuck your snide ways and your snotty asides
I fucking hate you and all of your kind
I hate you

-I Hate You , Suicide File

I’m Here

I’ve been in Cupertino for about 2 weeks now, it’s been super hectic. Lots of bike riding and lots of work. Met some cool people. Captured this pic of the NorCal sky as the the hills where ablaze…

and heaven has a new home.

Kevin Finn

Larry Ransom put together and awesome interview with friend, Scientologist hunter and all around maniac, Kevin Finn on his amazing record collection…


So today I really wanted to get home but I wanted to talk to a friend on the phone, so some how I thought I would be clever and be that asshole who rides his bike while talking on his phone…
well crossing and intersection I hit the wrong brake and went head first over the bars and then the bike came tumbling on top of me…
mind you I am still on the phone in conversation, ass to elbow on the pavement tangled up with a bike on top of me in the middle of the fucking street…
welcome to cali bro.

your friend,
the asshole

Shutting Down…

Next time I fire this thing up I will be on the West Coast

Happy Birthday Tre

A clever trick from Posi Numbers 2005

Aram reacts to Tre’s announcement

Tre from the Philly days (I stole this from Viq Simba’s FaceBook)

I’ve lived with Tre for nearly 5 years and known him for well over a decade, Happy Birtday brother!