“My books are about killing God”

“By the third written text,
it’s very explicit that God needs to be ‘taken out’

Philip Pullman author of His Dark Materials, a series of children’s fantasy novels, is coming under fire from Christians for his anti-religious fantasy written to counter the C.S. Lewis’ Narnia saga…

“I hate the Narnia books,
and I hate them with a deep and bitter passion”

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The Beast Within Halloween 2007

Last Wednesday I took a train down to NYC to see The Beast Within art show

Pushead’s piece, take note of the staples

Usugrow‘s Devilman

Mike Sutfin‘s dimensional piece

Jeff Soto

House Industries 

I arrived in NYC at 4pm, meet up with Buske and we headed over to the show, mingled for a bit, meet up with Pushead and he gave me…

…a laser etched balsawood invite to the show, limited to 100, this thing is insane.
Gotta figure the best way to display this gem.

Got to hang with Buske, Matt and Danielle, Mo, Missy and Skylar (fellow Skullbrainers) and Pushead, which makes for a great Halloween. Headed back to Penn station at about 1:30am for my 3:50am train back to Boston. I can’t even begin to describe the horror that Penn Station is post midnight after halloween, a graveyard of ne’er-do-wells in varying degrees of intoxication cloaked in various costumes, sleeping against poles or collapsed on the floor…