All Murder, All Guts, All Fun

So I cleared out some old toys on ebay a few weeks back to grab some cash to put towards my Pushead collection, and here we have the Blue Glow AstroZombies Skullwing. Been wanting this for a while.

Dokuro King

Satan King, which has haunted me since I saw one of these at DJs house a couple of years ago…

Kozik handpainted Murder Damnedron

Future Plastik Glow Damnedron

Gargamel Bloody Bullmask

Super7 x Secret Base “Edgefighter”, a hard charger indeed

GrezDNA’s Dunny

Package O’ Pus

Scored the illustrious “52 Weeks” Skullpirate
addressed by the man himself

“The Black Unknown” Slullpirate

Inside the header card

Hand Spray Painted by Pushead

HSP Damnedron 6/34 and his little brother…

In other Pushead news, Gray sent this over-

“Californian photographer Glen E. Friedman used to send Brian Schroeder, an artist in the ’80s hardcore scene, records Schroeder couldn’t find at home in Idaho. As thanks, Schroeder sent mix tapes such as this one. Enlarge to see the full song list.” 

From an article on NPR about tape trading
check it out here


“The notion that Jesus Christ died for our sins and that his death
constitutes a successful propitiation of a “loving” God
is a direct and undisguised inheritance of the scapegoating barbarism
that has plagued bewildered people throughout history.
Viewed in a modern context, it is an idea at once
so depraved and fantastical that it is hard
to know where to begin to criticize it.”

Sam Harris, The Sacrifice of Reason