Ultraman x Syracuse

A trip to Syracuse for DJ and Sue’s wedding lead me to The Flying Turtle where I picked up these Ultraman goodies. I wish I had my camera to snap some flicks of DJ’s Hedorah and Godzilla collection. My camera sadly never made it out of its bag, I saw so many amazing friends and got not one picture.

Church X State

From NPR All Things Considered, September 18, 2006 · All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, Calif., is deciding whether to fight an IRS summons for the church’s e-mails, meeting minutes and letters. The liberal church is under investigation for allegedly making political statements leading up to the November 2004 presidential election. At stake are its tax-exempt status and possibly some heavy fines.

Listen to the full story here.

“Somebody tried to mug me, and I shot him.”

NEW YORK (AP) — Margaret Johnson might have looked like an easy target.

But when a mugger tried to grab a chain off her neck Friday, the wheelchair-bound 56-year-old pulled out her licensed .357 pistol and shot him, police said.

Johnson said she was in Manhattan’s Harlem neighborhood on her way to a shooting range when the man, identified by police as 45-year-old Deron Johnson, came up from behind and went for the chain.

“There’s not much to it,” she said in a brief interview. “Somebody tried to mug me, and I shot him.”

Deron Johnson was taken to Harlem Hospital with a single bullet wound in the elbow, police said. He faces a robbery charge, said Lt. John Grimpel, a police spokesman.

Margaret Johnson, who lives in Harlem, has a permit for the weapon and does not face charges, Grimpel said. She also was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and later released.

Strictly Big Guns

So today my hand painted “It Came From The Sea” Pushead Skull Pirate showed up! Complete with bandana…

Secret Base X Super7 Haunted Ghostfighter. Orange is hard as fuck.

And finally tracked down the Nailspiker Pushead Bearbrick fromt the 2005 Bearbrick World Tour