Here are the 10 artist’s that I listened to most in 2007
Now keep in mind that I mostly listen to my iTunes on shuffle, in no way do I like Venetian Snares more than Isis…

My 10 most listened to albums in 2007


Brother’s Keeper and friends outside Soul Vegetarian in Atlanta
Back Row from left to right: Myself, Mike Ski
Middle Row: Zach Hudock, Chris Bazan
Front Row: Billy Cole, Kenn24, EMS, Scott “The Mayor of Pennsitucky” Emhoff, Petey Wentz

Picture from EMS

Soldiers & Airports…

…this is what Rollins has to talk about? I love(/hate) the guy… but it’s almost embarrassing to watch him on his quest to stay relevant with long winded diatribes, peppered with “curse” words, that go on longer that a bad MADtv skit…
At least Billy Bragg was on tonight.