Forever21 ripsoff Minor Threat / Dischord

Went to the mall the other night with Jayme and and while snooping around in the men’s section of Forever21, she noticed this appalling ‘clever dude’ catastrophe. Straight up ripoff. Slapped a Minor Threat logo on (without permission) some terrible clip art and sell it for $15, but who the fuck is buying these things?

I did not include a link to the actual shirt as I don’t want to encourage anyone to actually purchase this horrorshow

Indecision “To Live And Die In NYC”12”

The Indecision “To Live And Die In NYC” was the first 12″ (and only there was a Brother’s Keeper 12″ planned and mastered, but thats a story of another day) that I put out and I wanted to do lots of cool variations. The best of which was the metal cover. Fashioned by Chris Lunsford (who sang for Downpour at the time), this it the prototype, weighing in at an actual shit ton, they proved to hard to make without scratching the shit out of the record getting it in and out…

Orange vinyl version out of 200

Ebaying this one

Silkscreened cover version, Billy Cole burned the screens and we printed these things in our apartment. Using Frank Miller Sin City graphics… 150 of these were made.

Ebaying this one

Green marble version of 200

Ebaying this one

Test press

Ebaying this gem too

Dragbody “Such Simple Machines” 7″

Here’s the Dragbody 7″, white vinyl version, no labels and clear lyric sheet.

It took me forever to print all of these lyric sheets and cut them all out, all resources commandeered from Georgia State University.

Ebaying this one.

The test pressing, which Kenn24, Billy Cole and I screened on our coffee table and then attempted to cut ourselves and bleed all over… came out pretty sick. Razor included.

We rejected the first batch of test presses so we enclosed one version of each in the sets…

Youth Of Today Test Presses

Took a trip to Santa Cruz last night to see Agnostic Front. While waiting for the show to start I stopped in a record store and picked up a Youth Of Today “Break Down The Walls” press un opened from 1992, when digging through my records to see what versions I have, I realized I have these two gems…


Super stoked when I pulled out the LPs to see a ton of stuff packed in there with it. Amazing lyric sheet, stickers, mini-zines. Took me back to 1991, getting home from school to a package and I would pour over every detail of every piece that was inside the package. Awesome!