My Bape X Kaws Hoodie

I just got my Kaws X Bape hoodie. This thing is the thickest and best qaulity hoodie I have ever seen.

The thing is mine is a bootleg so I would love to see the quality of the real ones…
but they’re $468.00  

Kaws x Pushead hits home…

So after months drooling, we here at the JawkDNA compound have finally acquired the Silver Companion

On May 2nd, Kaws and Medicom opened OriginaFake in Japan. For the grand opening Pushead gave Kaws a one of kind green Companion.

The store hosts a 10′ Companion

Pushead towers over the crowd

Pushead and Neckface represent…
OriginaFake photos: ToyTokyo

Qee X Adidas Madness

Adidas X Toy2R (QEE) drops May 20th at Adidas Stores

At less the 10 per store these track suits [yes there are pants I cant find pics of them] will go quick. Silly looking Yukrainen Mobster watch not included, nor is the Cool Water cologne…

New Scores

I just scored this Pushead Mecha-Terror in Salem right down from my house. It’s been there since I moved here, finally decided it was time to bring him home.

This Andre Bearbrick set just showed up