The new G.I. Joe inspired GB toy from Super7

In the late 1980’s Civ, along with several members of the Rev staff, including Jordan Cooper, started collecting original 12″ G.I. Joe toys. Even going as far as to include trade offers of early Rev releases for rare G.I. Joes. Twenty years later, when discussing the Gorilla Biscuits figure with Super7, Civ was really excited about making a toy, not only as a unique item for the band, but as a toy collector himself. This edition of the toy is a tribute to the toys Civ loved over the years. Packaged in a wooden green foot locker inspired by the footlockers of the original 12″ G.I. Joe., and then cast in unpainted green vinyl just like a unpainted green army man. This version has been designed by Civ for the toy collector in all of us. – Alex Super7

Forever21 ripsoff Minor Threat / Dischord

Went to the mall the other night with Jayme and and while snooping around in the men’s section of Forever21, she noticed this appalling ‘clever dude’ catastrophe. Straight up ripoff. Slapped a Minor Threat logo on (without permission) some terrible clip art and sell it for $15, but who the fuck is buying these things?

I did not include a link to the actual shirt as I don’t want to encourage anyone to actually purchase this horrorshow