“I got into punk through various ORIGINAL punk bands, so i never had a “direction” at all, i like everything as long as it has at least a bit raw or organic sound. with crust i assumed it was d-beat laden ugly sounding stuff that also had metal in it for some reason. i think i actually like all kinds of punk. from Discipline from Holland to Haggis to Septic Death to Dead Boys to New York Dolls and the Sonics and Christian Death 1st album to Bad Religion to Amebix to His hero is Gone to World Burns To Death to Judge to Concrete Sox to No For An Answer to Crumbsuckers to Ramones etc etc etc” – Fenriz

New Pickups

Not sure how I have never acquired this until now, 411 ‘This Isn’t Me” 12″ on maroon marbled vinyl.
It’s been 20 years since I bought the black vinyl version at Wax n ‘Facts in Atlanta (I bought that shitty Taang! DYS “Wolfpack” lp the same day).

Picked up a 4th press of the First 2 7″s on a 12″

Had to grab this when I saw it, All Out War and Firestorm on a 12″. I had no idea this even came out, Victory presed it 2007.


I had Judge hammers on my chest in like 1991, they got partially removed to make way for my chest piece. A few weeks ago the hammers made their return, this time with my Chung King numbers…

Record Weekend

Picked up some records this weekend…

Been looking for this for a while, Cro-Mags “Age Of Quarrel” 10″ complete with the wonderfully ignorant cover art

Straight Ahead “Spirit of Youth” 12″, 2nd press

This came in the mail today, surprise gift from a friend. Cause For Alarm “Birth After Birth” Test Press